I strongly rejected this phrase due to its bragging sound, unless witnessed with eyes and once testified, it was accepted. Yes we are talking about none other than Romans.
They gave and left much for the world and specifically we are going to talk about Roman leftovers in Naples this time.

Naples, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities of world.

One of the causes that drag Naples into the Lime Light is the remains of Pompeii.


The city of Pompeii was a Roman town-city near modern Naples in the Italian region of Campania, named after General Pompeii who was defeated by Julius Ceaser.
Unfortunately this wonderful city was buried but fortunately it was buried under only approximately 6 meters of volcanic materials which made archaeology more fruitful and easy and no doubt it’s an important town because of having a handsome amount of information on ancient Romans.


1748 the excavation of Pompeii was begun and it’s still in pipeline.


Pompeii is a big tourist attraction and brings more than 2 million visitors annually.


It is a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

To See:-

The oldest Roman Amphitheater

 Roman Amphitheater  Roman Amphitheater

The Lupanar (brothel)

prostitute bed   Lupanar (brothel)

The House of the Faun (luxurious aristocratic private houses)

House of the Faun   House of the Faun

Pompeii Sanctuary (temple of Apollo and Cathedral)

Pompeii Sanctuary (Cathedral)  Pompeii Sanctuary (Temple of Apollo)

The Forum of Pompeii (heart of community; economic, religious, and political center)

Forum of Pompeii  Forum of Pompeii


A chill runs down on nerves when we hear its end. Pompeii ended horrifically when Mt Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD with temperature of up to 250 degrees C, burying and melting the stone buildings in other words; they were HEATED TO DEATH.

We crazy peeps think that only we are enjoying the lives with bags of tricks but Romans will surely prove these thoughts a myth once you dig into their history……

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