Religion and Construction, both were active in the life of Greeks and Parthenon, the marble building; is a living example of coalition of their Religion and Construction approach.

Date of Birth

Built in 447-432 BC


Parthenon comes from the Greek word Parthenos which means “virgin.”


Parthenon was to say thanks to goddess Athena Pallas also known as Parthenos (virgin) of Athenian Empire for the salvation of Athens and Greece in the Persian Wars.
The other purpose that is believed to be the reason of Parthenon’s construction was to house a 40ft-high statue of Athena which was made out of gold and ivory.
It has also served as army barrack and an ammunition store, making it the Jack Of All 🙂


It’s on Acropolis, a hill overlooking the city of Athens, Greece.


Phidias; Greek sculptor, painter and architect

Phidias Phidias


Approximately 13,400 stones were used


111ft by 228ft

Change of Religion

In the 6th century AD, it was a church to the Byzantine Empire then in the early 1460s, it was a mosque to the Ottomans and a minaret was added to it which was later removed in 1832 by the government.


The Greek government has taken this task and started restoration in 1975.


Athenian treasury spent 469 silver talents on Parthenon.

Things to See:-

Stylobate, the platform on which the columns stand.

   Stylobate Stylobate

Entasis, refers to the slight swelling of the columns as they rise.

Entasis Entasis



Parthenon is among the most important Classical Greece buildings and has got stories of battles, carved in stones of its walls.


Its 46 outer and 23 inner pillars give it a look, that can’t be explained in words.

Do you Know???

Many of the sculptures that used to be in Parthenon are now in Britain, Paris and in Acropolis Museum.

I feel no hesitation in declaring it “a must see before you die” site and once you are standing at Parthenon, you’re heartbeat is going to be like Greek horse’s gallop, with excitement….

Goddess Athena Pallas



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