Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu


Often mistakenly called, “Lost City of the Incas”. The beautiful site, Machu Picchu is a leftover of Inca Empire.


7,970ft above sea level in the mountains of Peru with the shroud of fog, doubling its beauty.

Inca Empire

The largest empire in South America, stretching from Chile to Colombia.


In Quechua language, Machu Picchu is translated as Old Mountain.


1450 AD


The site was explored in 1911


Explorer Hiram Bingham III, a professor at Yale University.

Do You Know???

Incas built this city of stone, in the absence of wheels or iron tools.


UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 1983 and designated one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007.

Masonry Techniques

Incas didn’t only have the largest empire but had supernatural type minds that is apparent from their construction.
It was their masonry technique, mixing cactus’ juices with clay to fill up the need of cement. They mostly used river rocks and carved rock with a rock.

Dancing Walls

I wouldn’t have been surprised with their civil engineering if their wall hadn’t danced while tremors and quakes then taking back, their positions.

Water Engineering

They were as good at water engineering as they were at construction and had a canal system of 1km in which they used stones as speed breakers.


  • 170 buildings
  • 1000’s steps
  • Several temples
  • 16 fountains
  • 100s of terraces which saved it till date


One of the most expensive Bollywood film, Endhiran, released in 2010, was partly shot on location at Machu Picchu.


Intipuncu, also known as Sun gate. Located at 2745 meters above the sea level where you can see how the Sun rises and sets over the whole mountains that conformed Machu Picchu is a magical site for sight.


Huayna Picchu is the most beautiful mountain site with Urubamba river bending around, only 400 people are allowed to see it per day. The hike of Huayna Picchu is sometimes called “Hike of Death”.
Huayna Picchu

Temple Of Moon was a ceremonial temple on Huayna Picchu made up of stone masonry and an open-face, shallow cave. The size of the temple is 8m by 6m and probably was a place of meditation.

Temple Of Moon


Basically, the construction method prolonged its life. City had 700+ terraces which made the city, Halt and prevented it from sliding down the mountains. Terraces played the role of fields and also saved 79” annual rainfall and like a mom, terraces were performing many tasks, including preserving soil, promoting agriculture, and serving as a part of an extensive water-distribution system that conserved water and limited erosion on the steep slopes


Inca civilization was wiped out by Spanish invaders in 16th century but until before it was wiped out, Machu Picchu is believed to be the royal site of Incas leaders.

The site stretches over an impressive 5-mile distance, featuring more than 3,000 stone steps that link its many different levels. No doubt; it’s one of the greatest man made wonders in the world and catches thousands of people like bees to see the sun set over its towering stone monuments and marvel at the mysterious splendor.

It takes 4 days hike or a 4hr Train to reach this beauty from Cuzco………..

Train Service  Hikers on way

Machu Picchu has refused to reveal many of its mysteries but even than one must visit this site, no doubt it’d be better than a bed tea.

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